2010/2011 Officers of SCTPG

  • Emily BergmanPresident 
    Head of Collections and Technical Services, Occidental College
  • Christina Hennessey, Vice-President /President Elect
    Cataloging Librarian, William H. Hannon Library
  • Prima Casetta, Past President 
    Senior Serials Cataloger, Research Library, Getty Research Institute
  • Wendolyn C. Vermeer, Program Chair
    Metadata Librarian, Cal Poly Pomona University Library
  • Heidi HutchinsonSecretary/Treasurer and Interim Membership Chair 
    UC Riverside, Science Library
  • Mary Woodley, Web Chair
    Collection Development Coordinator, California State University, Northridge
For comments and questions about SCTPG, contact the SCTPG President; for comments and questions about this page, contact the Web Chair.

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